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A selection of available animal paintings.
All paintings are on 1.5 inch deep gallery wrap canvas.
Click on image for a larger view and more information.
Sold works are at the bottom of the page.

"Longhorn in Poppy Patch"

"Fireflies at Night are Big & Bright"     "Longhorn with Burnt Orange Sky"

"Walking a Blue Streak"


                  "Longhorn at Blue Hole II"           "Longhorn with Saffron Sky"    


                                                                   "The Skies of Texas are Upon You"                                                  "Away Down South"                                                                                                          

 "Longhorn at Yellowstone"                                                                      "High Plains Drifter"   

        "Roswell Longhorn I"                                     "Longhorn with Evening Star"                    

            "Hill Country Longhorn"

"Wild & Wooly I"           "Wild & Wooly II"


"Near & Deer"

                   "Donkey Devotion"                                       "Little Evening Brayer"                                


"If Wishes Were Horses" 


                                                                           "Black Beauties"                                           "Crimson Pride"                                                                                             

 "Aura of Aquamarine"                                                             "Out of the Blue"                  

      "Luxe Lab"

                                        "Banjo"                                        "Hoot Gibson"                    

 "Wimber Lee"                                                                         "Leonardo"


"Feeling Sheepish II"                                                    "Clyde"                             


"Bats with Blue Moon"

"Roadrunner with Crimson Spots"


"Roadrunner Rhapsody"                                                               "Roadrunner on Red"

    "Pecking in the Poppies"                     "Dashing through the Daisies"

"Lemon Tree Lark over Yellow Meadow"     "Lemon Tree Lark by Aqua Gulf Stream"


"Hammer Time Monochrome"                                "Hammer Time"        


        "Star Fish"                                                          "Spot & Stripe"            

"Seeing Spots I"                       "Seeing Spots II"

"Fish with Spiral Sun"                                "Fish with Spiral Moon"

"Swimming in Good News I"                                                           "Swimming in Good News II"

"Swim Meet I"


Sold Works

"Snowy Hill Longhorn"

  "Some Enchanted Evening"

"Deerly Beloved"

  "Feeling Sheepish IV"

Everything Else is Irrelephant

  Original Commission 

  "Campfire Longhorn"  

                    Original Commission                           "Dollop of Daisies" 


  "Longhorn with Agave"                       "Let It Snow"                            "Longhorn on Mini Mesa"            


                     "Longhorn with the Blues"                                  "Butterfly Day"                   "Lone Star Longhorn"                 

"BJ & Beaux"                                                     "Claret on Enchanted Rock"

"Flower Power"                                 "Longhorn with Fuchsia Sky"

 "Monarch Migration"       "Longhorn with Lucky Stars"       "Deep In the Heart of Texas"

    "High Moon"                "Roswell Longhorn II"             


                "High & Dry"                 "Longhorn in Bluebonnet Patch"     "Longhorn with Coral Sky"           


                  "Partial to Peaches"                                              "Longhorn on Enchanted Rock"


                "Longhorn at Blue Hole"                                              "Shiner Longhorn" 


"Austin Longhorn with Bats"                      "Longhorn with Autumn Sky"


"Lone Star Longhorn" (Blue)             "The Stars at Night"             "Lone Star Longhorn" (Red)


"Goodnight Trail"                                                                              "Lone Longhorn"

"Roosting in the Roses"


                        "Ace"                                                                        "Dachshund Love"                                

            "Whale Song I"                                                                          "Whale Song II"                      


"Wendell"                                                                         "Bliss Fish"

    "White Rhino"                                              "Black Rhino"


 "Rhino with Diamond Moon"                                        "Rhino with Amber Sky"                


                                          "Vincent van Goat"                                                                              "Theo"                                         

                                                      "Feeling Sheepish I"                                                             "Quiet Connection"

   "Feeling Sheepish III"                                                                              "Pig Newton"  

         "Texas Roadrunner"                                                        "Texas Roadrunner II"

                        "Roadrunner on Bamboo I"                                              "Roadrunner on Bamboo II"  

  "Art Colony"                                          "Fly by Night"                                           "Stat Bats"

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