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Casey Craig’s imaginative mixed media paintings range in color from  subtle to vibrant depending on the mood she wants to create. Her stylized renditions of animals, still lifes, and trees are rich with textures and patterns.  Her preferred media includes paint, decorative and hand-painted torn papers, combined to achieve the effects that make her work distinctive.

Casey has been commissioned by The ASPCA, The Discovery Channel and several national magazines, newspapers and children's publications. She obtained her BFA from the University of Texas and has won numerous awards and been recognized in shows from coast to coast. Her work is in both public and private collections.

After living in Louisiana, California and Florida she has settled in the beautiful hill country of Wimberley, Texas. There she enjoys working in her home studio where she lives with her husband, two sons and a rather large and goofy German Shepherd. Dividing her time between painting and her family keeps her busy and content.


Artist's Statement

My paintings evolve from my imagination, so I have the freedom to exaggerate patterns or create new ones where they have never existed.

I enjoy playing with color, design and texture and prefer to keep my compositions simple to suggest a sense of peace and serenity. Nature's patterns and colors fascinate me and translating and magnifying these elements into my paintings keeps me inspired. Incorporating found, decorative and hand-painted papers into my work creates unique effects and gives me unlimited possibilities for exploring. The resulting images are colorful and stylized interpretations.

As an optimist, I bring a bright, positive perspective to painting. The subjects I choose show my love of nature and the simple pleasures we all enjoy. Painting is a joyful process for me and I want to share that with the viewer.


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