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Hoot Gibson

Mixed Media on Gallery Wrap Canvas    16"x8" $395

I asked my newsletter subscribers and facebook followers to help me decide on a name for this owl.
Many wonderful suggestions came in and now I have a treasure trove of great names to pick from in the future.
"Hoot" was the preferred choice, but I wanted something more to distinguish him. 
There are many famous "Hoot" Gibsons. 
One was an astronaut and two were pilots, which seems very appropriate for an owl.
Also, someone pointed out that the owl's body looked like frets on a (Gibson) guitar.
I love it when people see things in my work that I haven't noticed.
Thanks so much to everyone who gave their suggestions!

Available from Signature Art Gallery, Tallahassee, Florida.

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modern contemporary colorful and whimsical owl painting